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Our payment technology is customized to meet the unique needs of your business and provide a range of options for your customers to pay, all while maintaining a high level of security and the ability to handle a large volume of transactions.

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The world is becoming more cashless due to COVID, as shown by recent statistics. Cashless payments are quick, accessible, reconcilable, and allow for data capture. M4CARDS optimizes card operations and boosts returning customers, using a user-friendly platform that integrates with leading card management systems and payment providers like Nayax and Stripe.

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  • M4CARDS is suitable for small local businesses and large chain of automated service providers
  • Highly adaptable to the unique requirements of your business
  • Offers efficient and easy ways to manage your fleet or private clients
  • Variety of plans and features available to cover your needs
  • Flexible design allows for integration with different APIs




Cashless payment systems allow for quick and easy transactions without the need to carry cash or wait for change.



Cashless payment systems are generally considered to be more secure than cash, as they are less susceptible to theft, loss, or counterfeiting.



Cashless payment systems allow for quick and easy transactions without the need to carry cash or wait for change.



Optimization of card operations: M4CARDS is designed to optimize card operations and help businesses succeed by streamlining the management of their card-based solutions. By making it easier to manage gift cards, loyalty programs, and other types of card-based solutions, M4CARDS can help businesses retain customers and increase revenue.



User-friendly and efficient platform: M4CARDS provides a user-friendly and efficient platform that helps businesses increase the amount of returning customers, whether you're managing gift cards, loyalty programs, or any other type of card-based solution.


Plan Options

M4CARDS offers various plans and programs to meet your needs, such as monthly automatic subscriptions, prepaid plans, and pay-as-you-go plans. These options provide flexibility to help you choose the plan that works best for your business.

High security transactions standards by world leaders in their industries

Stipe: a complete payments platform for ecommerce. Stripe provides all the tools you need to accept payments online and in-person from customers around the world. Plus, Stripe platform maximizes conversion and reduces fraud using machine learning. Companies like Wayfair, Peloton, and Warby Parker choose Stripe to scale and grow their revenue.
Nayax: Global fintech company (NASDAQ:NYAX & TASE: NYAX) providing a comprehensive operating system and payments platform for retailers.